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13. července 2011 v 20:23 | Raven |  Dopisy Adalbertovi
Dear Adalbert,
thank you for all your patience to me. I really apreciate it, mainly now, when I don't have any free time. Well, there's too many things I want to write about - so, let's go through it, so that you will be able to die of boredom sooner and without torturing, my dear Adalbert.
English camp. After it had ended, I was full of enthusiasm and I was completely exhausted. I perfectly enjoyed all the time with students, CZE and US team... I felt Lord's presence there and I saw great miracles. And then it was over. US team left Pardubice on Monday afternoon and I fell into perfect sadness. The most horrible thing about it is the fact that before I see those awesome people again, I will have to pass my school leaving exams and university entering exams and.... ggrrh. I really don't like farewells. I can't wait to see them again - even when the just have left Czech Republic...
Another big thing is another camp. Saturday morning, I'm leaving for15 days to pure nature. Now I'm trying to get everything necessary together and I'm also trying to reconstruct my body so that it would be able to face fifteen days in wilderness and to face twelve wild teenagers :) But I have always been adventuress - and this camp seems to be only next great adventure in God's service. (I'm only afraid of storms - while staying in a tent - and lack of hygiene. That's why I'm taking you with me, Adalbert. Muhahahaha.)
Well, considering my body... I feel like very old and used. I've got sore throat and I sneeze all the time. Both my toes are destructed, I've got bruises everywhere and moreover - I found a beautiful hole in earth last week. It was at night and of course I stepped inside and dislocated my ancle for a while. Now, dear Adalbert, you can see, why I definitely need a new body (and can I order a new head for me as well? This one is a little bit ugly and stupid.)
Time to stop my stupid writing. Have a great time with bag of ants sent by me.
Poisoned kiss and hug from iron maiden,


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1 cover72 cover72 | E-mail | Web | 13. července 2011 v 22:23 | Reagovat

Incredible. Reading through the second paragraph, I couldn't but remember this "deppression/psychological curves" in one of the James Dobson books. I went to find it, dug through the "to do" pile of books by my bed and while searching for relevant content, I - by mere chance - came accross interesting comment on the third paragraph.

Basically - Dobson observes that emotions have cyclic character. When you live through a period of intense happines and excitement, it is guaranteed there WILL come a period of slight depression and glum. Then, Dobson moves on to explain there are two major types of personalities: high and low amplitude ones. I, for instance, am a studybook example of low-amplitude personality. When I'm really happy, I just smile and feel nice. No exaggerated exhibitions of inner feelings. But same goes for "downers" - you have to really know me to detect one.
You, on the other hand, seem to be a high-amplitude personality. Meaning everything you live through has a major effect. When you feel good, it's great&irreplaceable. But when that ends - kaboom, 18 ton truck hits. That's chapter 2. Sorry if I mis-judged you.
Then, in chapter 3, follows some stuff on the visual side of persona et cetera.

Anyway, I sincerely recommend you that book - although it's called "Žena si přeje, aby jí muž rozuměl", don't let the title discourage you: it's more like "psychological" or "get to know yourselves" kind of book. And it's really lovely, for it provides you with working self-psychological procedures suited for self-defense against depression/bad mood (or, in your case, Adalbert). Heck, the book was usefull even for me, and I'm a low-amplitude guy...
If you decided to go for it, it was published by "Návrat domů" under ISBN 80-85495-79-1. If you feel like I'm doing unappropriate advertising or anything - or if you feel annoyed, just delete this comment - no biggie.

2 cover72 cover72 | E-mail | Web | 13. července 2011 v 22:27 | Reagovat

What the heck? I'm no "piskooteek" - and I'm certainly not a gal.
I really couldn't say I like this system. Making me appear as a girl - almost an insult. If you have means to fix that, I'd really appreciate if you did so, Raven.

3 strigga strigga | 13. července 2011 v 22:55 | Reagovat

It seems we all are "piskooteek" xD
Well... English is a spanish village for me, you know... I have to admit, I was thinking about replying in spanish, but... :D
So don´t worry, you´ll not understand me, certainly ^^

You´re enjoying your holiday as much as possible, I have to say that I envy you a bit... I was five days in mountains and it was great as always, altough the weather was totally horrible... we were absolutely frozen (yep, I´m sure this word doesn´t fit into this sentence :D). And now I´m in home and the only one trip that is waiting for me, is travelling 8 hours to Slovakia to congratulate my great-grandmother for her 80... sheesh.
No! Everybody lies, including your brother! xD There are also some another actions waiting for me... a camp with a sort of the best people I know, and at the end of August... THE KODUKA MEETING! ^^
Okay... I won´t disturb you a lot. Only one question. WHAT ABOUT MY LETTER? :-)
Well... good luck with all your holiday. And also with the Google translator during the process of the translation of this comment... xD
Sincerely, yours
s. ^^

4 strigga strigga | 13. července 2011 v 22:57 | Reagovat

Ale k***a, co tam dělá to YOURS?! :D

5 Raven Raven | 14. července 2011 v 14:27 | Reagovat

cover72, thank for Your comments. :) I don't think I'm completely high-amplitude type, but you were really near to reality... I've started working with those times of depression long time ago - and now you usualy don't recognize that I'm in the lowest point of my amplitude... This blog is a special space for my soul and its deeepest dofeeelings - andhere you can see all my ambivalence. But in real life you would never find out if I'm just in faze of enthusiasm or depression.

Thank you for your observations and tips what to read. After my school leaving exams I will find it anywhere and I'll read it, because it sounds really good :))

I'm sorry for I'm not able to fix the piskotek case. Blog.cz isn't  really ideal, but I've been staying here for more than 4 years – that's why I don't want to move out :)

Strigg, thank you for your english comment' And for your amazing letter as well! Thank you so much! I Hope I'll respond you during two next weeks. It's gonna be a letter full of surprises, beacause of place of writing :P

6 Iswida Iswida | Web | 14. července 2011 v 15:53 | Reagovat

(damned english... still waiting for the exam results!)

Please, survive the next camp! With all the parts of your body exactly where they belong!

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