Dear Adalbert...

24. dubna 2011 v 12:31 | Raven |  Dopisy Adalbertovi
My dear Adalbert.

So many things have happened.

The last "thing" was crisis this week. Such a big lack of motivation! I was absolutely strenghtless. I let my fear to take over.. I was afraid of my future so much I have got into some kind of depression. The most suprising thing is, how easy was it - to get over it. I was just a prayer far from the solution, it was simply amazing, what a wonderful peace God gave me into my heart.

And... Easter. Yes. I'm so grateful to God for everything He gave me. That He gave us His Son, who brought us a new hope.
I've never thought I'll ever be so grateful because of Someone's blood.

I really enjoyed this Easter. I had shrove on friday, our youth prepared for our church a vigilie on saturday - such a beautiful night full of contrasts between light and darkness, full of the hope that you simply feel in depths of your own bones, full of feeling of unity, mercy, love... Words are too weak to describe those strong feelings I felt. I can't say more, Adalbert - maybe it's because the silence describes those moments more than anything else.

And today? Next service with the Eucharist. Great, great, great. And... Our church has two great preachers. And moreover, last three days I spent in our church. What a wonderful feeling!

(And it's been exatly two years since my baptism.)

I'm sorry. Today I'm so happy I can't think in sarcasms. Well, no fun with me today, I guess. I'm happy, happy, happy, happy...

Finaly I can't imagine my world without you, Adalbert, though you are my best foe.

Have a nice day and be careful. Pianos can fall from roofs anytime... :)


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