Sexy coat for Adalbert

13. července 2010 v 23:59 | Raven |  Dopisy Adalbertovi
Hi Adalbert.
It's me again, I hope you suffer a lot. :P

I had great time, thank for your question (I love to force you to ask me, right? :))). One of the best weeks ever. It was so good and I am sure I didn't deserve it - so many things God made for us. Sometimes even regural miracles. And how amazing was our US team! They were just breathtaking all the time. And I fell in love with them and now I miss them so much! Yeah. When I came home from railway station, I sat on the doorstep and cried like a small child.

Although I came to be a servant on EC, God gave me a lot of good things too. I've met new great people and experienced a lot... The reason I think I didn't deserve that is that I have fallen in love again. Do you understand me, don't you? Somewhere, where I came to be just like a servant... my big fault. I can't stand the feeling of failure. My biggest task in this world, to give people opportunity to get know God's love is always interrupted with my sin. If there was some way I could improve it, I would do it - but I just wasn't able to help myself - every type of love is too important for me and... I think you've already met Wolfgang, my dear emotional deprivation. Hem.

(It's right this feeling - I think I know every small detail of his face and if I could draw... You know me, I am an expert around stupid, unreal loves with bad ends. Obviously I am incorrible. The worst thing about it is that it's extremly painful. And this my egoism is harmful not only for me, but moreover for people around me. I need to change something. Really.)

There's so many things I hate and I don't know if it's a shame or if it's right. Sometimes it's just foolish, for example I hate watching soomeone crying - I cut all the bowl of onion on Sunday alone because of this hate. And I hate you, of course. I hate you, because I love you, my dear imaginary foe. Jep, and I love to be this strange.

Two amazing girls were on EC too. C. & I. If you meet them, tell them, I loved the time spent with them.

I didn't sleep last week. At least Saturday, Sunday and Monday I had to survived only with 12 hours of sleep and about two or three litres of coffee. But it was really funny. Why don't you want to believe me? :P

And I hate this heat. I'm pretty sick of it. I hate this sticky weather. And as we're speaking about hatred, I have to notice something very mean about my glasses, because simply I can't stand them. I want my contacts! Please! I can't stand myself at all, but it isn't any big surprise for you, Adalbert, I guess.

I can't remember what I wanted to write to you, but it's ok. It's ok, because it's still me, supid, ugly and so on.

I hope you still hate me.

Poisoned kiss,
Rav & her emotional deprivation Wolfgang & her ridiculous English

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1 David David | Web | 14. července 2010 v 0:05 | Reagovat

na to, abych to překládal, tak jsem hrozně lenivý (svedu to na noční čas!), ale design máš parádní. :-) Klobouk dolů.
Ale jstli ráda píšeš, tak bych měl jeden tip - na je taková malá soutěž o to, kdo napíše nejlepší povídku. V podstatě o nic nejde, stačí se "zaregistrovat" (napsat jen přezdívku a nick :-D) a můžeš soutěžit... :-) Jestli Tě to zaujalo tak se jukni, budu jen rád. :-) Vidim že psát umíš i anglicky. A taky se mi líbí vyplněný Tvůj profil. Tak se zúčastni, budu jen rád za fajn lidi. :-) Kdyžtak víc info na mém ICQ, které Ti dám, 273133161. :-)
Díky, měj se.


2 Iswida Iswida | Web | 14. července 2010 v 10:53 | Reagovat

:-D Ty tři reklamy mě pobavily...

It was a really nice week and I'd like to go back there. I loved the time spent with you, too. Very much. I really miss you & Carmen. And Shane. I think I fell in love with him... :-D

3 Carmen Carmen | 14. července 2010 v 23:03 | Reagovat

*Reading it over and over again and pondering if I'm a) so tired, stupid, etc. or b) right and my eyes are not wrong, seeing that... Ravie, how's possible you didn't tell a word? Oh.*
Anyway. It was great. So, so, so great. Miss you. You too, Is.

4 Muscatel Muscatel | 15. července 2010 v 14:03 | Reagovat

What does it mean "supid, ugly and so on"? Or, who is supid? :p

If you are ugly... then probably miss world is ugly too.
But true is, it depends on who is looking, for example for octopus you surely look ugly at all.

5 Skye Skye | Web | 16. července 2010 v 12:22 | Reagovat

Opravdu je ti/vám 83 let?

6 Muscatel Muscatel | 16. července 2010 v 21:12 | Reagovat

Skye: možná tak všem tady dohromady :P

7 Raven Raven | Web | 16. července 2010 v 23:02 | Reagovat

Is, thank you. So much. And... see you soon. See you in the dog house!

Carmen, I think so. I didn't say a single word because you-know-what. :) I love you, Car. And you, as my future wittness, you would know somethin really serious as first. I promise.

Muscatel: Stupid me, of course. :P I wanna be an octopus!

Skye, ne :) Rok v mém profilu je rok narození mojí babičky, kterou jsem moc milovala. :)

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