10. dubna 2010 v 23:33 | Raven |  Dopisy Adalbertovi
Good evening, my dear deer Adalbert.
(Don't try to find out why "deer". It would drive you mad.)
I am ashamed because of the time it took me to write you again. Ok, today in english only. Why? I am tired and stupid. (It means, this letter will be shorter than ten lines, I promise.) Hn.
I'll start (and probably end) with my disappointment (yes, this word is really weirdly spelled, but multidictionary told me so). I don't want to write concretely, but I just think that christianity excludes homophobia. Christianity is based on love (loving God, loving other people and loving ourselves - two last loves should be at least equal). And there's no space for homophobia in love... Yes, and I am very disapointed when some of my christian friends is rude for nothing (and "nothing" is about differences between people - God loves everyone and his love to all of us is always the same!) I wanted to punch him into his face, I wanted. And you know me. I am against violence. Pretty strange. Maybe my stupid crazy hormons caused it. (I hate my hormons.)
Oh, Adalbert, if you didn't understand, it's all right... I needed to arrange my thoughts and i have to admitt it's not fair to you that I decided to do it in this "your" letter.
Let's carry on (you, my bad english and me). I had been to great EC training, but then my parents totaly criticised all the americans and everything about EC so that now I feel as bad as beaten dog. It's nice, isn't it? I am seriously curious how I will translate to someone 'cause I'm very very very very dreadful speaker (and thinker too, I am not afraid to say it :) And yes, I am terribly scared.
Today's piece of knowledge: Some of games describe your whole life. I'm talking about "Watch your boy" (equals czech mrkaná). I am the last without partner (so funny) and moreover I'm the biggest exot ever (red and fainting girl). I don't want to sound racorously, really. I see it as a funny fact and I enjoy it. Yeah, Adalbert, my 'emotional wells' are empty again and again, as droughty as corflakes when you are out of milk. (No, you don't have to check your fridge. Your bottles with milk are ok.)(And I'm sure that the empty space in my heart is not the same place where bottles with milk were, thank so much for your asking.)
I love trains... 
I also fell in love with musicals (especialy when Ewan McGregor sings. Yes, Obi-Wan sings. heh.)
I want you to know that I want to go to bed and sleep minimaly 36 hours. 
I stopped with pant for cute ( blah blah blah) boys. I decided to be blind to them... I'm trying new things. Maybe it'll make things easier - who know. I, I know that it is so hard not to look at them that way, but I think it's thing of concetration and habit. We shall see.
Are you beautyful cute man, Adalbert? Ha ha. I know. You are bad, cute, beautyful and fortunately imaginary.

Good night and I wish you a coffin, of course.
(For me caffeine, please, mr. waiter!)
Joke (I hope). You-know-who isn't me, he is just using my shampoo without asking (Yes, facebook pages are so stupid... and so funny! :)))

Your stupid

(I can't do maths so I see only ten lines in here. Understood? *holds knife and pepperspray*

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1 cloverdee cloverdee | Web | 11. dubna 2010 v 12:51 | Reagovat

It's time to write You.. I think. So.. Soon, I promise :)

2 Tygřík Tygřík | E-mail | Web | 11. dubna 2010 v 19:05 | Reagovat

Equal a, equal b, equal c.... whatever... :)

3 Muškát Muškát | 11. dubna 2010 v 22:30 | Reagovat

Becouse of my LAGged brain I did not understand quarter of your post. So am I for scrap now? May by I scrap my self anyway...

4 Annet Annet | E-mail | Web | 11. dubna 2010 v 23:21 | Reagovat

I don´t understand it, because I´m lazy to think. Sorry... :-)

5 Raven Raven | 11. dubna 2010 v 23:38 | Reagovat

Clover, I'm going to write you too. I am ashamed cause I have one big mail-debt.

Tiger! Black, black, black... pink!

Mushcate :P (It's my revenge for that stupid W in my nickname :))) Maybe it's because of my english, it really sucks. :D

Annet, it's ok, there is monday on the doorstep... relax and survive tomorrow ;)

6 cloverdee cloverdee | Web | 12. dubna 2010 v 9:51 | Reagovat

Whatever:D It's not about quantity, but it's about quality, you know..

7 MushCat MushCat | 12. dubna 2010 v 16:27 | Reagovat

Mushcat as Mushroom Cat? ... houbový kocour ... to by na mě vcelku sedělo :D .. asi se nemám rád.

Your english is good, only my is insufficient... :/

8 Raven Raven | 12. dubna 2010 v 23:20 | Reagovat

Clover, really? Such a delightful fact! :D

Muschcat. Why dou you think you fit in "Mushroom cat"?

9 Mrs. strigga Poirot Mrs. strigga Poirot | 13. dubna 2010 v 6:29 | Reagovat

No, no, no! All comments in English... what a ***! :)))

Tak já vám to zkazím. Ha, a máte to. Jsem holt nesnesitelný patriot. :D Ne, obdivuju tě, bratro, že dokážeš napsat anglicky  celý článek! ("Já musel napsat jen tři věty - a myslel jsem, že zahynu..." jak zpívá Skoumal) Jsi holt jako vždy nekonečně originální, vtipná a svoje. A naše.

A mimochodem, nechtělo by se ti nějak pohnout s Prackou? Až budeš mít trošku času? :)

10 Mushcat Mushcat | 13. dubna 2010 v 20:40 | Reagovat

Mushroom is so odd organism half bug half herb. Old cat is ... old cat :) Me either ... dont you thing? May be not... lets end this,...

11 cloverdee cloverdee | Web | 13. dubna 2010 v 22:06 | Reagovat

Ok, ok.. Maybe it's not a big discovery, but.. With You, dear Ravie, sure:)

12 ethnea ethnea | Web | 14. dubna 2010 v 11:24 | Reagovat

Your letters are very interesting. Who is your imaginary friend, Adalbert? How does he look like? Does he have any particular appearance? How old is he? When did you "meet" him?
Well I am sorry to bug you with so many questions at once.
Have a nice day.

13 Raven Raven | 22. dubna 2010 v 14:04 | Reagovat

Dear Strigg :))) Pracuje se na ní. Těším se na tebe a Carmen, až se zastavíte v Pcích. :)))

Mushcat: Cats are great. And Mushrooms are funny. What's your next complaint?

Clover: Oh, thank you! :)))

Ethnea, welcome to this horrible place :)))) I have to correct you... he is not my friend. He is kind of my enemy. :)) How does he looks like? Ehm. I think he's blond. And awfuly nice and beatyful. He's something over twenty, I think - it's the age when men are the most obnoxious in their life.
No no! Thank you for all your questions! Altought I think Adalbert's pretty slef-confident now (because of your concern),  your questions were nice.
Thank you. You too. :))

14 Mushcat Mushcat | 23. dubna 2010 v 0:22 | Reagovat

Best cat is from new Alice in WonderLand.

Also he looks like he has eaten some mushrooms :p

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